100% is EASY… 99% is a $&#!#!

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By Eileen Habelow, Ph.D.

100% is EASY…99% is a $&#!#

You can fill in the blank with the expletive of your choice.  I have one that works really well for me, but I didn’t want to bias anyone!

The first time I read this sentiment, I must admit – it resonated with me at my core.  For me, there are two arenas in which this sentiment has been valuable for me.  I find it valuable to remember when it is time to make decisions and when it is time to keep commitments.

Making Decisions

Making decisions is much easier when you make them in advance rather than in the heat of the moment.  When your rational, logical brain is in charge of the decision, you have a much better chance of making a good one.  When the emotional side of your brain is in charge of the decision… well, most of us don’t make great decisions when emotions are running hot.

I have shared this advice with my daughters when they were teenagers, working through the life decisions in high school. And, I have shared this advice with leaders on teams who are working through the challenges of constant change, fierce competition, and difficult people.

100% is EASY… 99% is a $&#!#!

You are more likely to fail or fall if you wait until you are in the heat of the moment or are being tempted by something that is not in your best interest.  If, on the other hand, you have already decided before the opportunity arises, the decision is easy – you have already made your decision.  And, you made the decision before emotions, weakened willpower, or impaired thinking takes hold.  Don’t waiver.  You have already made the decision.  Stick to it.

100% is EASY… 99% is a $&#!#!

Keeping Commitments

Remembering this sentiment is also very useful when it comes time to keeping a commitment that I have made to myself.  If I have made a commitment to stop something, start something, or continue something that I know will be good for me, then I like to remember – 100% is EASY… 99% is a $&#!#!

In other words, if I say I am going to do it, I need to just do it.  Not decide when I am going to do it or not do it.  Not weigh my options when the opportunity arises.  If I say I am going to do it, I commit to it 100%.

Some research shows that your willpower is a limited resource that is reduced every time you have to say “no” to something you want to say “yes” to.  The good news is, if you have already made the decision to do something, you don’t have to keep using your willpower to make the decision again.

Even without the research I know I can build trust when I let my yes be a yes.  Be a person of your word even to yourself!

100% is EASY… 99% is a $&#!#!

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