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Programs that Drive Results

Do you know for sure that your learning programs have an impact? Whether the program is a 2-hour hands-on workshop or a year-long leadership development program, a ‘surround strategy’ ensures there is a return on your investment of time and money. The Leadership-Link approach to creating an integrated program includes all elements of a surround strategy.

We live and work by the principles defined below to ensure our learning programs and engagements lead to results.

It Starts in Your Brain! The Neuroscience of Learning and Leading

Advances in neuroscience have helped us better understand how our language, tone, and approach can have a significant impact on how our brains perceive, learn, and respond. Our brains are lightening quick to interpret what is going on around us and then even more quickly, make us respond in a closed manner – think fight or flight, defensive – or an open manner – think engaged, positive, leaning forward, trusting. As a leader, coach, or colleague, your words, tone, and body language can have a profound impact on how you are perceived and how other colleagues will respond. Our Leadership-Link courses and engagements address the neuroscience behind the effectiveness of leaders, teams, and organizations. It’s that critical.

The Manager Manages – Reinforcement Matters

Research shows that active involvement by the direct manager is critical to the success of any learning program. The level of involvement and nature of the tasks will be customized for each program based on company culture and leadership styles. Leadership-Link programs, of any length, can include manager calls to gain alignment and commitment of managers to continuously and consistently reinforce the learning efforts of their direct reports.

The Flipped Classroom – Prepare and the Practice

Leadership-Link colleagues committed to the ideas and practice of a ‘flipped classroom model’ years before it was a popular approach. To maximize the investment on any group learning time, concept papers are frequently used to introduce the topic as a self-paced learning activity. After the introduction to the fundamental concepts, additional pre-session activities are designed to ensure participant preparation. When participants are engaged and prepared before the session, the group can focus on deepening understanding through application of the concepts to real-work challenges!

Identify Lagging and Leading Indicators

What results do you want to achieve? What observable changes do you expect at the end of the program and what value do those changes generate? A custom dashboard includes measures that will be used to monitor progress and results. This custom dashboard creates shared focus on the end-goal (lagging indicators) and a set of leading indicators that predict progress toward the goals and allow for course correction when necessary.

  • "Eileen Habelow has been a tremendous business partner and consultant to my company over the past few years. I have witnessed first-hand her professionalism and ability to steer managers and executives towards one common goal. She has very astute business instincts and is strong in the area of design, development and implementation of training programs. She is a trusted business partner and someone I will continue to work with for many years to come."

    Chris Chief Culture Officer
  • Dr. Habelow is one of the best conceptual thinkers I've experienced across my career. She understands the why, the how, and the now. CHROs looking for excellent academic credentials coupled with superior practicality should be on Dr. Habelow's client list.

    Jim Chief HR Officer
  • “In choosing Leadership-Link, we found an amazing partner who took the time to understand our needs and our challenges. The end product was incredibly professional, thorough, well-organized, and very well received. Leadership-Link was truly an extension of our Human Resources Department!”

    Lee VP HR
  • In today's market, it's rare to find an established consultant who has a firm grasp of both the academic and applicable. Maybe because of her experience as a practitioner or maybe because of her desire to drive bottom-line results, Dr. Habelow is comfortable toggling between the strategy and the tactics in real-time. Every CHRO needs to be surrounded by people who can think and people who can execute. Dr. Habelow can do both.

    Jim CHRO
  • "Eileen was able to deploy the ‘speed of trust’ tool to my local organization and then followed up by assisting me in the facilitation and use of this tool throughout my global function. More importantly, Eileen helped the team through a challenging transition in leadership structure and bring clarity to new roles and responsibilities and rules of engagement. As a facilitator for our leadership team, Eileen was able to ask the tough questions and push boundaries without any danger of being perceived as having a personal agenda."

    Ashley VP, Clin Pharm
  • "Eileen is a rock star! She is truly one of the most talented and creative training professionals that I have had the pleasure to work with. Spend five minutes in a brainstorming session with her and you will see what I mean. Her passion for people and learning is evident in everything she does. Eileen knows how to achieve measurable results through innovative training strategies. It’s too bad we can’t clone her because we need more talent like hers to help organizations achieve better results through talent development solutions."

    Cindy Director, Training & Client Services
  • "It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Eileen. I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Eileen on multiple leadership and training projects over 6 years. To say that she “gets it” is an understatement. She is an outstanding coach who brings a great depth of knowledge and experience to help leaders at all levels grow to reach their full potential."

    Kathi President/Founder
  • "Eileen is masterful in her ability to tease out issues, step back to allow the team to come to resolution, and step in only when needed. She is flexible and able to adapt her agenda during the meeting in order to ensure the important conversations are able to take place. We left our leadership offsite with a greater understanding of our joint purpose, a clear decision-making model and joint commitments to support our new structure."

    Naomi Global Program Management
  • "Our group uses Leadership-Link quite often for team effectiveness. We find that they use their depth of knowledge to customize a workshop that best fits the situation. Eileen’s facilitation skills are superb, holding individuals and teams accountable for their work and thoughts. When we have a need, Leadership-Link is the first call we make."

    Linda Global HRBP
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