I am only giving 70% effort today!

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There, I said it.  I know it sounds heretical, but I’ll bet it is true.  I am only giving 70%.  And, I will bet you are, too.

How many times in the last week have you booked your calendar so full that you walked from meeting to meeting to meeting to meeting?  Hmmmm.  How many times did you take time to think about what you learned or thought of in one meeting BEFORE you went to the next meeting?  Hmmmm.  How many great ideas were lost because you did not take time to reflect and embed your new ideas between meetings?

Starting to get the point?

Ok, how about this.  How many times in the past 30-days have you finished working on a presentation or a project within 1-hour of ‘go-live’ time, with barely time to print the handouts?  Come on, tell the truth!

We simply do not build ‘margin’ into our lives.  We don’t build margin into our work lives or our personal lives.  We go from priority to priority to priority without any margin for error, let alone reflection and further thinking that might lead to a new insight.

If I go from project to project, deadline to deadline, or meeting to meeting without building in reflection time, I am only giving 70%.  There is no way I can produce my best work, that reflects my best thinking, if I don’t build-in time to THINK about and THINK through a challenge or solution.  I am cheating myself of my best effort and I am cheating my company of my best thinking if I don’t build in time to reflect and refine and even rebuild.

Is 70% really GOOD enough?

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