Slow Your Roll and Finish Strong

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By Eileen Habelow, Ph.D.

I love all things shiny.  It shows up in every leadership assessment I ever take – loves to generate new ideas, is excited by new opportunities, needs lots of variety at work.

This has served me well over the course of my career.  It has made it easy for me to take on projects and initiatives that required professional development.  It has made it easy for me to take on jobs that stretched my capabilities.  And, in my work as a consultant now, my varied past experience makes it easy for me to support the diverse priorities of my clients, teams, and team leaders.

But, just like every other ‘strength’, it can be taken too far.

My penchant for shiny, new ideas can keep me from finishing well. My insatiable desire for a variety of projects can lead to over-extension. My ‘one-word’ for 2018 is Enough. Rather than make 2018 another year where I am all over the map, pursuing more things to learn and do, I am challenging myself to “slow my roll’ by focusing on 2 or 3 priorities – and then go deep and finish well.

Am I the only one who has more than a few projects started that have not been wrapped-up or finished strong? In your work life or personal life, what closure could you gain by finishing something rather than starting something new?

Ironically, I met someone for the first time this morning – someone with whom I am very excited to be connected! She told me her words for 2018 were ‘Strategic Advances’. I n other words, she was going to be very intentional about her ‘yes’ and equally intentional about her ‘no’ when opportunities arise. No distractions will derail.

I think that is great advice for someone who wants to ‘slow my roll’ and ‘finish strong’.

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